I personally picked from different companies the products that I think work better for my customers needs based on their hair type and their scalp conditions. I will give out recommendations for my clients' needs to help improve their hair and scalp conditions because if you don't use the right product, you might end up abusing your hair, which is the most important part of your body, without knowing so. Sometimes you think you’re saving money to buy cheap stuff from out of counter products, that it will be ok but the problem doesn't go away but making it worst because it's too harsh on your hair and scalp or its too oily so you go out and buy more new stuff, etc..all the stress in spending money to buy new stuff adds up to be more when you can just use something that works and is recommend by us, the professionals.
MOUSSE Paul Mitchell • Wella
GEL American Crew Firm Hold
WAX American Crew DiFi • Hempz Hair Concrete • Sebastian Crude Clay
SHAMPOO Pureology • Halo • Graham Webb • B.O.C. Japanese Product
DEEP TREATMENT Crede Japanese Product
LEAVE IN PROTEIN SERUM MJ Essential Japanese Product
ANTI-FRIZZ SERUM I.D. Care Heat Silk Lotion